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Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort

Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort
Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort Has Chosen Wellway Hotel Minibars
Sheraton Lion Lake Resort is invested by Yijiehongtai Lion Lake Group Ltd and jointly managed by Qingyuan Lion Lake Hotel Co., Ltd. and Sheraton, a brand affiliated to Starwood Hotels. It is not only the first Arab style resort hotel, but also the largest Sheraton global flagship project.

The hotel's all the guestrooms are using Wellway minibar solution to create an experience of the quiet Arabian luxury to customers. While you experience beautiful lakescape and elaborate architecture art, you can enjoy the wine served in perfect temperature from the minibar. That should be a beautiful thing.

Sheraton Lion Lake Resort is an Arabian style Resort constructed according to the sculpture or fresco of the Arabian Nights. And it was awarded the Most Anticipated Hotel recently.

The hotel is situated on the picturesque Lion Lakes, with the Moon Course on the other side of the Lake. With building area up to 90,000 square meters, the hotel has 351 luxury guest rooms. There are all weather restaurants and a 27 hole golf course near at hand. Besides, the hot spring SPA center, indoor swimming pool and gym club are great places to get relaxed and recharged. The hotel also has a multifunctional conference room over 3,000 square meters in size and a professional banquet preparation team to enable your success.