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A Brief Analysis On The Development Trend Of Hotel Room Service

With the competition of the hotel industry increasing, hotel managers pay more attention to the satisfaction degree of the guest and the control of operating costs. According to the further investigation about customers'needs, quite a number of services provided by the hotel are not expected by the guests. Therefore, many restaurants have started to adjust the service items, room items and hardware facilities. The mini bar fridge is one of the improved and innovative items.

The design of room service items should not only consider but also not be limited to the grade and star level; it should take full consideration on the needs of the guest and the hotel's actual situation, making the service items more colorful. The service features of the hotels should have even belonged to the same service. For instance, the hotels located in the beautiful scenic area, considering the inconvenience of in and out, small libraries in floor area are set up to enrich some quiet guest's night time. As for the hotel mini bar service, according to the different needs and favor of the guests, some hotels provide snacks as the main food while some provide instant noodles. This kind of variety makes room service projects tend to be richer and meet more needs of the guests.

With the advent of the era of high tech, the guest, especially some business guests, put forward higher requirements to the hotel facilities, driving them develop in the direction of intellectualization. For example, smart IC card system, induction door locks, fingerprint door lock system and the automatic control system in the guest room can all be controlled by the sensor. People come in with light on automatically, and out with the light off.

Today, people are advocating for the sustainable development, the creation of green hotel has become a kind of fashion. Thus, the liquid distributor of shampoo used in the bathroom has replaced the traditional disposable containers, which reduce the pollution caused by disposable containers.

The design of guest room pays more attention to the feelings of people and tends to accord with human culture. For example, the location of the outlet is more elaborate in design to facilitate the guest's use; seats have a higher requirement for the comfort, chairs with moving wheels and adjustable height are favored; the brightness of light should not only beautify the environment but also take into account the needs for reading and working.