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Hotel mini fridge choose and buy matters need attention


1. When you buy hotel mini fridge, besides choosing the style, you also need to notice about the energy efficiency, usually the 1st grade or the 2nd grade are more saving electricity. The performance of hotel mini fridges can be considered on the side of the power and the variety, these determines the energy consumption of the refrigerator, linked to the economy, the price of hotel rooms fridges mainly related to the volume, power, material of the fridge, generally the price between 400 to 700.

2. According to the volume of the fridge to choose and buy. Which volume of hotel fridge you choose decide on your hotel situation. Generally the size of hotel mini bar fridge have 20L, 35L, 40L, 42L, 46L, 48L etc. to choose, among these size most the hotel room choose the 30-50L size styles, they can satisfy most of the hotels requirement, of course this should according to the actual situation of the hotel to reasonable choose and buy.

Classic Hotel Mini Bar XC-25B Glass Door

3. Choose the right one instead of the expensive one. The pursuit of famous brand is today's fashion consumption. But famous brand does not mean the high price, especially like refrigerator that a mature technology products. Different brands, the original material, manufacturing process, quality performance are basically the same, so the manufacturing cost is roughly the same. Factors that affect the product price frequently are some flexible cost, such as the advertising expenditures, the cost of internal management and the other factors etc., especially the management level of enterprises and the use of marketing strategy, play a quite important role in the price of the products.

4. Better choose that products which with the good afer-sales service. Electronic products, in addition to good product quality, good after-sales service is indispensable.

In addition, we also need to consider of the other performance: Such as fresh keeping performance. At present the best preservation technology is computer temperature control, throughout the process adopt the computer to realize pairs of dual-temperature control, truly guarantee the mini bar fridge be in the constant low temperature environment from beginning to end, keep things fresh and nutrient.