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Hotel mini fridge Classification and Characteristics


Hotel mini fridge, also known as the guest room small refrigerator, semiconductor refrigerator. More commonly used in hotel rooms frozen red wine, drinks, etc., can also be used for refrigerated cosmetics.

The refrigerator classification
Hotel mini fridge in general can be divided into electronic (also called semiconductor refrigerator and absorption refrigerator. Now in the market is divided into the two main. Very few compressor used in hotel guest room refrigerator.

Electronic refrigerator relative to absorption refrigerator freezer belongs to low-end products, but the best mini fridge price is higher than the absorption refrigerator, is generally used in under 4 star hotel.

Pro. Hotel Mini Bar XC-30C Glass Door

Absorption refrigerator are completely silent products, mainly used for more than 4 star hotel.

Hotel mini fridges capacity generally range from 15-65 litres, each manufacturer factory capacity is different. With relatively proofreading focused on product between 30-40l.

Product features
Zero noise and no vibration - all mute design;
No freon, green environmental protection;
Low energy consumption, ordinary refrigerator below 50%.