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Hotel mini fridges Development and Application


Hotel mini fridge is a dedicated to star hotel room inside for frozen fruits, drinks, drinks and other food small refrigerator.

Classic Hotel Mini Bar XC-25B Glass Door

With the rise of China's hotel industry, hotel fridge has become the basic standard of each evaluation star-rated hotels. The first hotel is the main mini bar fridge compressor refrigeration on the refrigerator. Along with the development of science and technology, the refrigerator manufacturers introduced some new type of energy conservation and environmental protection of hotel guest room refrigerator, refrigeration way: there are two main types of semiconductor electronic refrigeration and absorption refrigeration. Now some senior hotel, leisure places, star hotel will configure hotel mini bar fridge used for frozen food, beverage, fruits, drinks, etc., can also store cosmetics, medicines; Or cigarettes, tea, etc, is very convenient and practical. Hotel guest room refrigerator has become the advanced hotel, star hotel of choice for establishing the image of green environmental protection health prerequisite products. Hotel has different specifications, mainly according to the different size of wine bar to select different capacity of hotel guest room refrigerator, can also according to the actual demand in the existing style hotel rooms with refrigerator door lock, or in accordance with the requirements of the hotel equipped with transparent bar fridge glass door.

Hotel mini bar fridge is mainly used for star hotel rooms, luxury hotel rooms, deluxe suite to refrigerate a variety of fruits, drinks, drinks or guests bring their own food, etc.