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WELLWAY hotel mini bar is a kind of gas absorption refrigerator. It adopts absorption cooling technique, and features with quiet cooling and eco friendly. Comparing to those regular compressor refrigerators, absorption refrigerator is competitively advantageous in refrigeration. It's noise free and much more energy efficient.

Absorption Refrigeration
When Ammonia (as a refrigerant) and Water (as an absorbent) are boiled in generator, the ammonia water solution is evaporated. The ammonia vapour is purified and condensed into liquid in condenser. The liquid ammonia and helium, purified in absorber, and evaporated in the evaporator, absorb heat and thus refrigerate at the same time.

1) Generator: Ammonia water Solution is boiled and evaporated.
2) Rectifier: Vapour is condensed into water. Generated ammonia gas goes into the Condenser.
3) Condenser: Ammonia gas is condensed into Liquid Ammonia.
4) Evaporator: Liquid Ammonia is evaporated in purified Helium here, absorbing heat and thus refrigerating.
5) Absorber: This part will absorb water and Ammonia so as to purify Helium.
6) Container: The lower layer is Ammonia water solution; the upper layer is Mixed gas of Ammonia and Helium.
7) Ammonia water Solution.
8) Liquid Ammonia goes into the Evaporator.
9) Purified Helium goes into the Evaporator.
10) Mixed gas goes into the Absorber.
11) Ammonia water Solution goes into the generator.

WELLWAY has many kinds of mini absorption refrigerators for your choice. They’re quite favored by hotels at home and abroad.
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