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The Classification of Hotel mini fridge


Hotel mini fridge is the indispensable electric equipment in hotel guest room supplies, with the development of hotel industry, hotel refrigerator has become the basic standard of each evaluation star-rated hotels. The more reflects the importance of guest room refrigerator. Actually the first hotel mini fridge is the main small refrigerator compressor refrigeration on the refrigerator, with the development of science and technology, a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection way of semiconductor electronic refrigeration hotel mini fridges appeared in front of people.

Pro. Hotel Mini Bar XC-30C Glass Door

Modern room refrigerators are mainly absorption room, semiconductor refrigerator freezer two big kinds.

Absorption refrigerator is a kind of environmentally friendly high-tech product, because without fluorine leone, protect the atmospheric ozone layer, no any compressor and mechanical parts, turning operation does not produce noise, by the international environmental protection organization known as the "double green environmental protection product".

Semiconductor refrigerator hotel has a good cooling effect, without compressor and freon, no vibration, low noise (less than 30 db), low energy consumption, long service life, automatic temperature control, energy conservation, environmental protection and a series of advantages, this hotel mini refrigerator is a kind of adopts advanced electronic cooling technology of the utility model products. Now many of the hotel, leisure places, star hotels, will choose this kind of semiconductor refrigerator environmental protection.