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Does absorption minibar need suitable ventilation?

Any cooler products that are placed in a cabinet with door must have good ventilation to ensure sufficient cooling effect. When a Mini Bar is placed in a non-ventilated or inadequately ventilated cabinet, it will seriously affect the cooling performance of the product, increase power consumption, and significantly shorten the lifespan of the product.
With both air inlet and air outlet ducts is the fundamental requirement upon a suitable design of ventilation. The location of air inlet must be lower than Minibar for cold air to enter air inlet, the total area should no less than 120cm2 and larger dimension would be better. The location of air outlet must higher than the appliance and should be as close as possible to the rear, the total area should no less than 120cm2 and larger dimension would be better. Please take the below picture for reference (the arrow shows the direction of air flow).
Need more professional suggest upon ventilation design, please contact us and your Wellway Service partner.

Does absorption minibar have to be powered by constant power supply?

Yes, absotption minibar needs to be powered by independent and constant power supply, and the power supply should never be controlled by SM card. For more hotel mini bars, please see our products list.

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