5 Tips of Choosing Hotel Wine Cooler

Many hotels and other establishments use a wine cooler to keep their wines cool, as well as to prevent them from being misplaced. Some people even use them to keep their regular wines at room temperature while they travel on business. If you are looking for one of these devices, be sure to consider several features before deciding on which hotel wine cooler is best for your needs. Here, we offer some advice for you to choose a proper hotel wine cooler.

Make sure the unit operates quietly.

One of the main complaints about hotel wine coolers is that they tend to be too noisy. Make sure the fan motor is not too loud and that it doesn't operate at a frequency that will make your bottles wilt or have an unpleasant taste. Another option is to buy a unit that has an oscillating feature that will run at a slower speed so you don't run up your bill unnecessarily. You can also buy a model that works with a solar panel to provide you with energy, which will help save even more money.

Choose a unit that is large enough for your particular needs.

There are some models that have been designed to fit on the countertop and function like mini refrigerator. This allows you to store up to five bottles at a time without having to worry about temperature control. The smaller units, which are usually found in home kitchens, can be placed on any flat surface in the kitchen and will serve their purpose just as well as a larger refrigerator would.

Choose a unit that is easy to clean.

It should have a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and a sturdy cover that can be removed and washed regularly. Most of these units can be sanitized after use and will continue to work properly at room temperature. The drip tray should be made of stainless steel to avoid rusting. However, you should still sanitize the unit immediately after opening the bottles to remove any debris that may have stuck to the interior surface.

Invest in a unit that comes with an alarm.

This way you will know when the container is empty. The alarm can be connected to a wall outlet or an alarm clock. This makes it possible for you to serve your favorite wines on special occasions without worrying about spoilage. This unit has an LCD screen that shows the remaining storage capacity and the temperature of the wine.

Keep in mind that a hotel wine cooler is an investment.

Therefore, buy wisely. You do not want to invest in a cheap unit that will not last long. Rather, you want a unit that will serve the purpose that it was intended for, which is to store and provide chilled bottles of wine on demand. Shop around and read wine reviews online to find the right for your home.Then, WELLWAY hotel mini bar would a good choice for you.



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