There are four main series of hotel mini bars we recommend on our website, that are classic series hotel mini bar, pro. series mini bar, tailor made hotel mini bar and drawer mini bar. The classic hotel mini bar fridges are the most popular minibars for hotel for these years; the professional hotel mini bar fridges are the mini bars that adopt the best components, higher technique and superior materials to cater for our customer's higher requirement. As for the tailor made hotel mini bar fridges, we can customize any kind of mini bars and matched counters as per our customer's specific requirement.

Indel B was born in 1967 as part of a brilliant business insight: the commercial exploitation of the invention of the semi-hermetic compressor for generating cold temperatures in small spaces. The company began by turning out small 12/24V refrigerators which, powered by direct current, could operate while in movement, making them perfect for use on boats and vehicles and during leisure-time activities.

Bartech's main goal is to reinvent the mini-bar within the hotel room by combining state-of-the-art technology with an innovative design. Environmental considerations share top priority with our technological inventiveness and represent an integral part of our business practice.

Wellway is a professional manufacturer of minibar in hotel guest room which founded in the year of 1997. With 17 years of experience in the hotel industry, Wellway launch new brands of luxury collection. Except the best quality minibar, products of hotel guest room provided by us will be safety, reliable, comfortable and thoughtful.

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