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Green & Environmental - Friendly

All the raw material, components, and production process used for manufacturing minibars are all controlled and under the management of IECQ QC080000 system. Wellway ensure that all the material, components, and the item which will contact the minibar are all RoHS comply and with valid test report from SGS. Moreover, the foaming material and refrigerant is 100% CFC free.

High Quality & Low Energy Consumption

The Wellway minibar is designed 100% according to the special requirement of hotel guest room, including the minibar structure, the cooling system, the operational design are all different from normal standard household minibar in the market. The Wellway minibar has significant advantage and exclusive technology to achieve a professional hotel minibar.

High Quality & Low Energy Consumption

a) New designed Generation Ⅱ absorption cooling system is able to achieve 20% higher cooling effect than the similar product in the market.


b) Made by high purity aluminum material with high thermal conductivity, the new designed Fin-type cooling piece is more space-saving but with 50% larger dimension of cooling surface, contributing for higher cooling efficiency and lower energy consumption.


c) The new ‘Touchable but Invisible’ thermal regulator locates behind the interior LED light, allows changing internal cooling temperature setting without moving any item stored and also allows switching off the device without plug out, because of ‘touchable’. It is also able to prevent guests changing the minibar setting because of ‘invisible’.
The special regulator provides 3 different optional setting:
** = Averagely 5℃, perfect for storing beer;
* = Averagely 8℃, the recommended temperature for most of the hotel;
OFF  =  turn off the minibar, without plug out, convenient operation.


d) The cooling temperature is accurately controlled and monitored by the new energy-saving electronic thermostat system. The temperature fluctuation is significantly smaller than those minibars with mechanical thermostat in the market.


e) Wellway adopts three-layer of tempered glass structure with argon gas filled. It is the only minibar band using three layer glass structure in the market. It helps in better cooling performance, lower energy consumption for better cool preservation capacity, and avoid generating condensing water.


f) All the Wellway minibar are equipped with internal LED light, controlled by the opening/closing of minibar door by distance sensor (not spring switch), ultra bright with low rated power.


g) Wellway minibar adopts tempered glass for the shelves, safety, strong, and deluxe. With plastic stoppers avoiding drinks falling off.


h) Wellway absorption guest room minibars, all are equipped with the latest Ⅱ Generation Cooling System, accompanied with the latest energy-efficient electronic thermostat and optimized product design, achieve ultimate cooling performance with low energy consumption.


Tailor-made Service

Wellway is one of the most professional hotel in-room minibar manufacturer for specializing in tailor-made minibar, to meet customers’ special and particular requirement, with very reasonable charge.

REFFERENCE – 1: Different Color of Glass Door Frame.

Different Color of Glass Door Frame

Or your color, just give us your chosen color code…..

Fully Printing with Shining Black

Fully Printing with Shining Black

REFFERENCE – 2: Specialized Pattern & Logo

Specialized Pattern & Logo

Partial special pattern on the glass by using frosted effect. Pattern of ‘Lucky Cloud’, the official pattern of Olympic Beijing.

Shining Gold Logo Printing

Shining Gold Logo Printing

Large area of frosted effect with partial transparent
Large area of frosted effect with partial transparent 02

Large area of frosted effect with partial transparent

REFFERENCE – 3: Combination with Furniture – minibar for City Center Las Vegas

Combination with Furniture
Combination with Furniture 02
Combination with Furniture 03
Combination with Furniture 04
Combination with Furniture 05
Combination with Furniture 06

Minibar for the Pierre New York

Minibar for the Pierre New York
Minibar for the Pierre New York 02

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