Enterprise Introduction

Enterprise Introduction


Founded in 1997, WELLWAY is the first Chinese company succeeded in mastering the absorption cooling technique, and mass producing absorption type hotel mini bars.

There are three main series of hotel mini bars we recommend on our website, that are classic series hotel mini bar, pro. series mini bar and tailor-made hotel mini bar. The classic hotel mini bar fridges are the most popular minibars for hotel for these years; the professional hotel mini bar fridges are the mini bars that adopt the best components, higher technique and superior materials to cater for our customer's higher requirement. As for the tailor-made hotel mini bar fridges, we can customize any kind of mini bars and matched counters as per our customer's specific requirement.

WELLWAY now covers 20,000 square meters and has 350 employees; the company also has advanced production and testing facilities to ensure the quality and 96% of self-manufacture rate. Owning very good reputation and high market share, the company provides hundreds of thousand pieces of high quality products to 4 & 5 star hotels all over the world. Take Chinese market for example, WELLWAY takes over 75% of market share of the newly opened high star hotels; and the accumulated quantity of high star hotel customers has already been over 1,500. Moreover, WELLWAY is keeping insisting in supporting the development of National Event and successfully cooperated and severed the official hotels of Beijing Olympic 2008 and Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Owing to reliable product quality and satisfied service, WELLWAY is widely accredited by most of the International and national hotel groups, and built long-term cooperative relationship with all these groups. WELLWAY also cooperates with those world-wide famous hotel guestroom minibar brands, and providing special and customized hotel mini bar fridges solution to the most luxurious hotels, like the Venetian Macau, the Atlantics Palms Dubai, and the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

1.1.1 General Information

Wellway is one of the largest and most professional hotel guest room minibar (absorption type) manufacturers in the world. Founded in the year of 1997, Wellway now covers over 20,000 square meters, and has around 350 employees, except the metal painting and electronic components, Wellway make nearly all the components itself so as to keep the quality, more than 96% of the components are made by self-manufacturing.

General Information

1.1.2 Sales Data

In the year of 2012, Wellway totally manufactured and supplied 160,000 pieces of minibar to hotel projects all over the world, China market for around 65,000 units, other Asia Pacific countries for around 35,000 units, and Rest of the world for around 60,000 units, and more than 95% of the minibars were supplied to hotels.

Percentage of Area Sales 2012

In the past years, Wellway total sales always keep stabilized increase in sales quantity, the average growth rate of sales quantity reaches around 12% every year. The China sales keeps steady increasing, with an average rate of 14.8%. Sales in other Asia Pacific is booming in the past 4 years for 106% of average annual growth rate. Sales in the Rest of the World is stable for around 60,000 annual units.


Total (Units)

China (Units)

Other Asia Pacific Countries (Units)

Rest of the World (Mainly EU, USA, ME) (Units)





















Sales from 2009 to 2012

Sands Cotai Central Macau (Conrad, Sheraton, Holiday Inn)

Take the Chinese market for example, there has been over 1,500 hotels are using Wellway minibar, including CNCC hotel of the Beijing Olympic, SHANGRI-LA, InterContinental, and so on. Wellway also is the only one China minibar brand who has been approval by most of the famous international hotel Chain, like Shangri-La, WYNDHAM, STARWOOD, IHG, Banyan Tree, Fairmont & Raffles, HILTON, Macro Polo, and the Newly Conrad, Sheraton, and Holiday inn Cotai Central Macau are all using WELLWAY minibars (for totally 5900 units).


St. Regis Tianjin, China

St. Regis Tianjin, China

Conrad Seoul, Korea

Conrad Seoul, Korea




List of International Hotel Chain Approves Wellway Brand (Partially)

Hotel Chain

Coverage Area

Year Begun


Hilton Group

Asia Pacific


5 years contract

Fairmont & Raffles

Asia Pacific, Caribbean, South America, South Africa


2 years contract




Renew Periodically




Will expand to Asia Pacific in 2014


Asia Pacific


Renew Periodically

New World HK



2 years contract

Marco Polo



Renew Periodically


Asia Pacific


Renew Periodically




1 year contract

Banyan Tree

Asia Pacific


Renew Periodically

Group Contract Reference

Group Contract Reference

Group Contract Reference 02

Group Contract Reference 03

For the European market, Wellway has cooperated with the famous international minibar brands (Indel B and Bartech), to supply products to the most luxurious hotels in the world, customers including the Atlantics the Palm Dubai, the Venetian Macau, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai, the Marina Bay Sands, and so on.

Hotels Refference

Hotels Refference 02

Hotels Refference 03

Hotels Refference 04

Comprehensive Service Net-work

Wellway has very comprehensive service net-work covering the whole Asia Pacific Countries, so as to ensure offering satisfied and comprehensive service to our hotel customer. In China, Wellway has over 27 authorized and experienced service partners spread out the whole country and nearly cover every corner of China. Wellway also has at least one experienced service partner in every Asia Pacific country, like Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, India, Philippine, and so on. Besides good quality products, satisfied service is another commitment to all Wellway customers.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification
IECQ QC080000 Certification
B Series GS
C Series GS
J Series GS

Quality Management System

From the year of 2009, Wellway had built and operated international quality management system, the company currently is ISO 9001:2008 and IECQ QC080000 (RoHS) approved. The two quality management system ensure reliable product quality and all the material and production process is 100% green and Hazardous Substances Free (HSF).

Minibar Hazardous Substances Statement


Hazardous Substances







Electronic parts

Cable and Connecters

Metal parts



Plastic and Polymers parts

○: Means the ppm quantity of the hazardous substances concentrated in each homogeneous material of the component is below the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (EU).

-: Means no hazardous substances concentrated in each homogeneous material of the component.

Strict Quality Control on Cooling Unit

Absorption cooling unit is the core of a hotel guest room minibar, a good quality cooling unit is very reliable and with extremely long service life of more than 10 years, but the duration of a poor quality absorption cooling unit is normally just around 2 years. Moreover, there is no any specialized leakage detecting machine for absorption cooling unit. Therefore, Wellway has built up the most strict quality control system on the cooling unit and keeps implementing this system for the production of cooling system.

● Tracking system, every cooling unit produced by Wellway will be with a tab with ID number on the cooling unit, through this ID number, we can track which batch of material was used, which workers welded it, who tested it, how was the cooling test results, when it was produced, and all the relative production information.
● First test, each cooling unit will be tested by high gas pressure to ensure there is no leakage on the welding points, after the cooling unit is fully welded.
● Second test, cooling performance test of each cooling unit will be carried out after the cooling units are filled with refrigerant, in a testing room with stable ambient and humidity. All the data of cooling performance will be automatically recorded by computer. The cooling units passing the second test will be stored in the ware house.
● Third test, each cooling unit in the ware house will be test again on the cooling performance before assembly on the minibar. And the data will be compared with the Second test, to ensure the cooling unit is reliable enough.
● Fourth test, each complete minibar after assembly will be tested, to avoid defect resulting from improper assembly, again all the cooling performance data, rated power, electricity safety test data will be automatically recorded by computer.

In a word, each cooling unit will be tested at least 4 times before the product leaving the factory, it is a very import measurement to guarantee a reliable hotel guest room minibar, and the critical way to ensure the high quality of Wellway minibars.

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