Advantages of Absorption Minibar

The absorption minibar is a unique product due to its unique energy consumption model. Unlike other minibars and compresses, this compressor minibar has an ingenious double cooling system. The unique feature is its two heat rejection tubes - one set inside the minibar casing, the other set outside. This dual cooling system effectively reduces the energy consumption in two ways.

Cooling Technology

The absorption minibar's dual cooling systems efficiently reduce the energy consumption in two ways. First, the air that escapes through the top of the minibar is cooled by the fan located on the outside of the unit. Second, the cold air flowing out of the bottom of the cooling tube is reheated before entering the glass door of the minibar. Both cooling techniques extract the maximum amount of heat from the air before it escapes out of the door.

Energy Efficiency

The minibars' energy efficiency is the next best thing to a minibrainter in many hotel rooms. Using minibrains is a big factor in reducing energy consumption in hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are designed with minibars to efficiently store and dispense cold drinks. The energy consumption when using minibrains is very high. By using absorption cooling units, hotel rooms can make use of an energy-efficient refrigerant.

Absorption Minibar and the Glass Door Minibar Another advantage of using absorption cooling technology is its ability to provide an energy saving effect in hotel rooms. This comes especially helpful if the heating and air conditioning system in the hotel is not equipped with the right condenser and evaporator. Through the use of minibars, the absorption cooling system can function more efficiently and quickly cools the air inside a room. The time required for the glass door minibar to cool the room after the end of the hottest part of the day can be reduced from ten minutes down to just two minutes.



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