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The hotel minibar may be small, but choosing the wrong minibar can become a big deal for the hotel and its guests. WELLWAY solid-state mini bar series is a huge improvement over compressor units, with completely silent, vibration-free operation that won't disrupt a night's sleep. Unlike absorption models, these models are also 100% ammonia free, no toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals, and 30% more energy efficient. These units provide solid doors or glass doors to provide smarter and safer solutions that will refresh your guests with happiness.

Low consumption

Thanks to its progressive cooling technology, solid-state minibars provide extra power financial savings than popular absorption refrigerators.  In our products, the minibar usually use less energy than traditional absorption devices, ensuring more environmentally friendly performance, and can save your hotel a large amount of electricity bills.

Environmentally friendly design

Our minibar refrigerator's cooling system uses environmentally friendly and CFC-free materials to ensure more environmentally friendly operation. Different from absorption mini-bars, our minibar doesn't adopt ammonia material, which prevents toxic leaks and other dangers things.

Quiet operation

Good sleep for customers is always core concept WELLWAY adheres to, Our products are absolutely silent and do not make noise that disturbs the sleep of customers. Thanks to their fanless and motorless design, our minibars are 100% vibration free, as no moving parts vibrate or buzz while your guests are enjoying a break.



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