How To Choose A Hotel Mini Bar Fridge ?

In today's modern world, a mini bar is an integral part of a hotel. But a hotel mini bar fridge can also increase your energy bills. but it can also attractive more travellers to your hotel. That's why it's important to choose your hotel mini bar fridge carefully. When choose a hotel minibar fridge: Make sure it has enough capacity, shelves, and energy efficiency. 

WELLWAY best mini bars can be customized for each individual hotel. You can choose from several sizes, colors, and capacities to meet your needs. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of technology to customize your minibar. A hotel minibar is one of the most efficient and energy-efficient ways to promote a hotel. It is an important tool for every hotel to promote its brand. So, choose the right minibar for your business.

Moreover, Hotel rooms generally abandon compressor type small refrigerators and semiconductor type small refrigerators, and choose the traditional absorption minibar. The reason is that the absorption refrigerator is completely silent. It consists of diffusion absorption refrigeration core, cabinet and related accessories. The central part is the refrigeration core. The core is a closed system formed by bending and welding several steel pipes. Pour certain proportions of ammonia, helium and water into the system. The refrigerant is ammonia, water is the absorbent and helium is the diffusing agent. The movement directly uses heat as a source to drive the circulation of refrigerant to achieve the cooling purpose; the system uses the thermosiphon principle to operate the cooling system continuously without any mechanical transmission.

The absorption refrigerator is a high-tech environmentally friendly product, because it does not use freon, protects the ozone layer, has no compressor and mechanical transmission parts, and produces no noise. during operation, so the absorption minibar is known as a double green environmental protection product. International Environment Organization. Absorption refrigerators are used by many hotels due to their advanced technology and high-tech content.

In a hotel, the minibar fridge cannot be used to store baby food. The temperature in the minibar fridge should not exceed +5 degrees Celsius. Besides, you can check the temperature in the hotel's minibar before you buy any products. There are many varieties of baby foods that are not allowed in a hotel's microbar. However, a baby food must be kept at a certain temperature. The hotel minibar should have a label telling its guests about the temperature of the minibar fridge.



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