Mini Bars in Hotels: Boost your Business & Entice your Guests

Hotel mini bars are an excellent way for a hotel to earn extra revenue, and which hotel doesn’t wish to earn more money? But on the flip side, it does involve additional work and time which many small and mid-sized hotels might not have. you would like people to stock the mini bar, manage inventory, report the consumption to the front desk, and so on.


Due to these reasons, nowadays many hotels do away with the hotel mini bar within the rooms. But, i think that a mini bar may be a great source of additional revenue for all hotels especially people who don’t have 24 hours room service. It’s just that hotels got to consider ways during which they will outsource the service, implement a reliable system, also as cater to the changing tastes of their clientele. It’s time for hotels to be innovative and consider ideas through which they will entice the guests to use the mini bars.


Once the thrill of the products available within the hotel mini bar is made , then it ensures more and more people are interested in it. Perfect examples are children – most youngsters generally run and check what the mini bar in their room stocks. It’s their perfect dream to possess direct access to chips, chocolates, nuts, and more. Hotels got to create an equivalent quite excitement for the older guests.


One step for the hotel might be to outsource the hotel mini bar. There are now companies across the world that provide mini bar services to hotels. The system allows hotels to scale back their staffing levels, shrinkage or losses, and guest disputes at the front desk. because of the automated billing system, hotels have witnessed the typical loss percentage is reduced to a mean of twenty-two rather than the 20%-40% incurred with simple manual mini-bars. The system also provides reports on which items got to get replaced during which room, thereby saving tons of your time for the housekeeping staff. They don’t need to go room to room checking the mini bar on a day to day .


Also, it's imperative for hotels to seem at their guests’ profiles, see what the overall preferences are, take the hotel’s location into consideration then appropriately decide what works best. an honest PMS can help the hotel check their guest profiles, maintain their detailed information and preferences also as track repeat guests. This shall assist in giving the hotel a foundation to create on what they will offer to their guests.


The hotels also should connect with the hotel mini bar system in order that they might make sure that the staff managing the mini bar can post the consumption on to the guest’s bill, thereby helping the Front Office Manager save time by not having totally all the varied points of sales of the guest.


Hotels sometimes just got to think out-of-the-box before they decide to do away with certain ideas. By providing interesting mini bar options and outsourcing their mini bar services, hotels can take advantage of the additional revenue generated with the mini bar and do away with the hurdles that hinder it.



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