Why Hotel Mini Fridge Becomes More Expensive ?

What is a minibar ?

A minibar, also known as a hotel mini fridge, is an appliance used in a hotel room to store and cool food and beverages. The minibar features a compact, energy-efficient and smartly designed refrigerator, transforming a beautiful hotel room into luxury.




Why is hotel minibar fridge furniture so expensive ?

Currently, most luxury or budget hotels have hotel mini fridges in every room for the convenience of their guests. The size of the hotel mini refrigerator is generally small, it is a single-wing refrigerator, the capacity is not very large, generally less than 90 liters, and can only store a few bottles of water, beer cans , chocolates, snacks, candies and other small snacks. The minibar was first introduced in 1963 at the Madison Hotel (Washington, USA). The service didn't really catch on until 1974, when the Hilton Hong Kong began serving wine to guests. Prices for minibar items vary by hotel, but are generally quite high compared to buying outside. what is the reason? Keep reading to find out.

Why is hotel minibar fridge furniture so expensive ?

Food and beverages in hotel minibars are often priced for convenience. If you or your kids are suddenly hungry in the middle of the night, but don't want to run around and find a snack a few miles away, the hotel's mini fridge solves that problem nicely. this. Just open the minibar and everything is ready, your job is to enjoy it.




Why is hotel minibar fridge furniture so expensive ? 

However, to enjoy this convenience, you have to pay much more than the actual value of the item. As hotels want to encourage guests to use the services of hotel restaurants and bars, minibar items are often expensive. The same price, but guests can enjoy higher quality food and drink in the hotel service area. Coming to these service areas, you have to spend more money, which will help the hotel to increase sales.


However, because hotel refrigerators are often expensive and in short supply, many customers do not use the service. What is even sadder is that many tourists secretly exchange things in the minibar. They take the good stuff and put the bad stuff in, which is cheaper. Many people even stole the container from this small refrigerator and insisted on not paying. In addition, many things are not used by tourists and the hotel must leave when it expires. It also cost the hotel a lot of money. As a result, some hotels have now decided to include the price of items in the in-room minibar, or to only provide spring water.



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